Tuesday, June 04, 2002

The world cup rolls along. And it's been another interesting day. Japan got an unlikely draw against Belgium; and Korea ,incredibly, beat Poland. A good day for the host nations and a good day for the tournament. Both Japan and Korea played with wit, spirit and joy. Fair play to the pair of them.
Off the field the tantrums and squabbles continue. Today it was Slovenias turn.
Meanwhile the head of the Turkish Football Federation was expressing his delight : "In an extraordinary reference to Turkey's role in the Korean War, Ulusoy said: "We sacrificed 1,000 soldiers here to defend Koreans, and one Korean killed 70 million Turks last night.

"I wish I were not forced to speak about a Korean like that. We love Koreans, but that man can't be a referee. In Turkey, he wouldn't even be allowed to officiate a match in the second division.".
Which brings me in a roundabout way to Nick Hornby. Now I accept that he knows how to string a sentence together, and I have enjoyed the 2 books of his that I have read. But there is something about him that gets on my nerves and always has done, which is why I have only read the 2 books. This article in bookmunch expresses it better than I ever could. And they don't even mention why High Fidelity marks him out as good writer but a very crap and spoilt brat of a football fan.
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