Friday, January 17, 2003

I well remember the classic chess matches between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, even though I have no clue how to play the game. Bobby, it appears, is very far from being the full shilling.

Several members of a family from Coventry are taking a vacation at her majesties pleasure after they purloined £134,410 from a knackered cash machine. It raises interesting moral questions, but the fact they have been imprisoned after the furore surrounding first time burglars suggests that the law is indeed an ass.

Steve Bell

January 16 1893 This is the day that US Marines invaded Hawaii for no other reason than that rich white men asked them to. Thus was American Imperialism born.

Russian Roulette

Take the manliness test to see how you shape up in the manliness stakes. I am Tim from the office.

Pussies Galore

Fantastic historic photos from the Chicago Daily News. You could lose yourself for some time here.

Bluetitch Friday Five:
1) What would be your perfect evening?
Well, my perfect day would involve the nippers, but my perfect evening wouldn't. However a perfect evening would follow a perfect day, so its a bit difficult to answer as I don't want to appear like a disloyal sonofabitch to the nippers,
But here goes; the day would involve a long wintery and windswept walk along the Pembrokreshire coast path, surely one of the most beautiful stretches of land anywhere in the world. We would end up either in the Sloop Inn or The Harbour; neither does remarkable food but both are full of atmosphere and character. We would tumble out into a pitch black, deathly quiet and starlit night. We would make our way to a very romantic cottage we once stayed in, which is completely isolated and seems to cling for its very life on to edge of a cliff. We would fall into bed accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing below. We would be at perfect peace.

2) What would be your nightmare evening?
The above accompanied by three fractious and bored nippers!

3)What has been your best date?
It wasn't a date as such, but the night Mrs Buddha, while we were out in company, suggested that I plant my lips on hers that very moment, because I would never get another chance.

4) What has been your worst date?
Too many to contemplate, mostly they involve me being a completely pissed, boring and boorish arsehole. My toes are curling with humiliation and embarrassment at the thought of several nights, I am not going to elucidate, no chuffin way Jose.

5) Do you have a recurring nightmare?
No but I frequently get that night time paralysis thingy, where you feel as though you are awake but cannot move a muscle. Fucking scary and horrible.

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