Sunday, June 08, 2003

Bloody Spion Kop has had me disappearing up my own arris trying to post a poxy pic of him taken in about 1903. He's going to have to start his own blog.

There is a new blogger in town. He's pretty good too.

Robert Mugabe continues to lock up and murder his opponents, yet far from invading Zimbabwe and setting its people free, we play cricket with it. Even peaceful protests are banned from inside the ground by our cricket authorities. If I wasn't so old and cynical I would be spluttering with rage about this.
Saddams major mistake was in not having a cricket team; if he did, he would still be in power.

A brilliant account of life in Baghdad

I am still listening to M Ward, which just gets better and better, both of them. Thanks to the internet though, I have also got the Pernice Brothers new one, which is every bit as good as the last one, so it is very chuffing good indeed, obviously. I am finding Out Hud extremely groovy too.

It appears that there is chance that Bush might be impeached for lying through his teeth. Much as I would piss myself if it happened I cannot see it.
Bush and Blair both make me sick with their religious pieties. They seem to think that lying and cheating does not count if it is done by them, and they carry on regardless, like a pair of smug chimps. One way or another they will get their comeuppance.
Mind you, most Christians I know share similar traits and are a very unattractive and hypocritical bunch.

Is it art, or is it crap?

I paid a rare visit to one the Blues message boards today and found it depressingly full of ill shit. One or two of its contributors could do with learning a bit about tolerance.

Intriguing interview with an ex CIA chap who reckons he knows a thing or three about Saudi Arabia.
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