Friday, June 27, 2003

I have ranted on about the festival of peace love and happiness that is Glastonbury before, so won't start on that again, not yet anyway. However, if these figures related to football match, there would be a national outcry, even if these figures related to arrests in a small town, there would be uproar, at least locally, and the bloody thing hadn't even started when the figures were released:
Latest figures from the police are that 115,000 people are now on site and there have been 60 arrests (2002 had 40 at same time) and 57 crimes (55 last year), but robberies are down by 50%. The good news is that there have been no reported crimes outside the site - last year saw battles with security and police outside the fence of steel. More stats for you - fence jumpers: 0; medical incidents: 524; minor injuries: 449; drug and alcohol-related medical incidents: 17.

I like the look of Books and Bloggers. Nothing to entice to me yet but it might be worth keeping an eye on.

I have a feeling this is not the first time I have posted optical illusions, never mind, they are worth a second look.

Yet again, the increasingly verbose Misanthrope has spoke.

Some days I am pretty chuffed with what I stick on here, some days, frankly, it's cack. Most days it's alright. Today, I spent a long time moaning on the other blog, plus I am knackered so havent put much effort in, not to this anyway, so it's cack. Nothing has jumped out at me and I can't be arsed looking for stuff. I am in a bad mood so have dissed something hundreds of thousands get completely blameless enjoyment from.
Usually, it wouldn't matter, and it still doesn't really. But it's bloody typical isn't it. For some reason my visitors have quadrupled today, and all they have seen is some moany old bastard post a couple of indifferent links.
Oh well, it's probably better to be small but exclusive!

I wouldn't normally link on here to something I have stuck elsewhere, Sportsfilter in this case, but bloody ell! , I am getting visitors, I have to give them something to look at! knock the nippers over with a ball; its fun, honest.

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