Wednesday, June 25, 2003

My p.c at home appears to be kaput, hence lack of updates, until I get the bleeder sorted out blogging will be difficult, will probably just post bits and bobs while at work, might be dodgy though, the FFC appears at your shoulder like grim death, unannounced.
While I am here I may as well post my thoughts on last nights game.
All the violence and brouhaha was to be expected and was entirely predictable. I can't say it upstes or bothers me at all; anything that pours more scorn on that shower of claret and blue shit is ok by me. And humiliation was piled upon humiliation.
A few things have soured the night for me though. Firstly the one eyed commentary on Sky, both the commentator, Rob Hawthorne, and his side kick, Alan Smith, are clearly Villa fans, and couldn't stop themselves. Every time a Blues player went down it was a despicable over reaction, conversely every Blues challenge was a savage assault (no pun intended). That was bad enough but to then have Andy Gray analysing was a bit much, although Gray at least makes no secret of his allegiance.
I am one of the few who thinks the ref could have done better. I agree he did well to keep his cards in his pocket early on but I think he let it go too far. In particular the little Villa skinhead in midfield should have been booked for a high , late and nasty challenge on Savage. When I say high I mean high, he caught Savage on the shoulder while he was standing at his full height. By the time he booked Cunningham for a fairly innocuous challenge it was too late, Villa had lost the plot.
The mass psychology that insists that Dublin is the aggrieved victim following his contretemps with Savage is bewildering. The mantra is that Dublin is a model pro and a nice guy and his actions were out of of character. All cobblers in my opinion, all through his career if there has been a row on the pitch Dublin has been conspicuous by his presence, inevitably with head thrust aggressively forward. He has always struck me as a bit of a bully. The media in general, including the quality press, continue to demonise Savage in a most unfair manner. First he was assaulted from behind , then when he had the gall to take umbrage, he got nutted. Somehow he has become portrayed as the aggressor. Quite mad.
I can't be bothered going on about the so called invasions, enough cobblers has been spouted on that. However, Blues were well and truly hammered after one guy got on and went about 10 yards at St Andrews. One guy last night went the length of the pitch twice and even then had to hang around making small talk with Enckleman before some fat bloke and his elderly sidekick decided to stroll on and remove him. I hope justice is seen to be done.

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Normal blogging will resume one day, I hope.
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