Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Steve Bell

I have been banging on about how Late Junction is the best thing on radio for ages, I am listening to last nights show now, courtesy of the web. No one has taken any notice though, so I gave up. Well, what Matt Seaton said.

After roughly 280 days worth of fearful descriptions of the formidable Iraqi arsenal, coming on the heels of seven years of UNSCOM weapons inspections, four years of surveillance, months of UNMOVIC weapons inspections, the investiture of an entire nation by American and British forces, after which said forces searched "everywhere" per the words of the Marine commander over there and "found nothing," after interrogating dozens of the scientists and officers who have nothing to hide anymore because Hussein is gone, after finding out that the dreaded 'mobile labs' were weather balloon platforms sold to Iraq by the British, George W. Bush and his people suddenly have a few things to answer for.

And so does Blair.

The U.S. government could not have chosen a more inappropriate land in which to stage its illegal war and display its grotesque disregard for justice. Arundhati Roy waxes beautifully, brainily, lengthily and crucially.

For those who might be interested, the other blog has been updated.

It's been a bit of a pain these last few days finding a book to read and I have been dipping in and out of several. The trouble is I think, my work is so shitty and stressful I am exhausted all the fucking time, so starting a new book is just a bit, well irritating. I can't be arsed with the preliminaries I just want in there. I had a good go at To Die In California, but it was just too depressing as a bedtime read after a shitty day. I will definitely return to it though, despite the exremely small, eye knackering print.
I took myself into the Leisure Centre caff earlier, while nipper number 1 was at karate. A full hour to myself, with a coffee and a book, you cannot know what luxury that is. I decided I would take He Kills Coppers. Good choice got well into it and it will do for the next week or so. A very short excerpt

Plep continues to come up with the good stuff. These childrens stories have gone straight into my favourites.

I have a new discovery. Broken Social Scene. Believe the hype.

A short story by David Sedaris.
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