Thursday, June 19, 2003

Inexplicable mobs. It seems that loads of people in New York get e mailed a location and then descend upon it, for no reason. It's the kind of pointless and stupid activity that I find very appealing.

Rebel Dread: long interview with Don Letts. He has something interesting to say about Sid Vicious.

Bleedinell. Now I can't eat tiger prawns. Never much cared for the buggers anyway.

I am a bit of a cricket traditionalist but can see the point of 20 20 cricket. The idea of popping down after work and sinking a few while first class players bash it about a bit for a couple of hours makes sense. The three games I have seen on the box so far though, have been crap. Fortunately, the Bears seem to have become quite adept at it, a report on last nights humilation of Worcestershire is a good reflective piece by an old fart.

A couple of tracks from the Paddy Mcaloon album, available for streaming.

U.S soldiers appear to be getting fed up.
This may or may not be a blog written by a US soldier in Iraq.

Bare bum. Click on it and it wiggles, the further away you click the more it wiggles. It's only a bum, but it's bare, so use your common sense.

Bjork has a new haircut.
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