Thursday, June 26, 2003

I watched, live on the telly, as a fit young man collapsed and died. It was distressing in the extreme but is a lesson to us all. Live your life as if each day is your last.

I cannot believe what the U.S is getting away with in its treatment of prisoners at Guantamano Bay. Even if you accept it's argument that they have no legal status, I cannot see how it justifiable to treat them so inhumanely. How the US can dare to claim moral superiority leaves me bewildered and confused.

The state of my trousers yesterday has become the stuff of legend. People are pointing and laughing at me wherever I go. Mrs Buddha is looking at me the same way the wife in Curb Your Enthusiasm does at Larry David when he has erred.
Never mind banning mobiles while you are driving, they should ban Magnums.

Steve Bell
And again.

Mission: Iraq a superb blog by Greenpeace members in Iraq. Absolutely essential reading.

More death, this time though, I couldn't give a bugger. Dennis Thatcher has bit the dust, as nobody needs me to tell them. It struck me as curious, as I browsed the BBC site for news on Foe, before his death was announced, that tributes have poured in for Sir Dennis. I just wondered what the hell this oaf had actually done to deserve a knighthood and fulsome tributes on the BBC site, apart from shacking up with a grotesque harridan. Hopefully she won't be long behind and we all have cause to rejoice.

Soul City is worth a diversion for all sorts of spiritual stuff, including a recipe for tommycock.

I genuinely hesitate before posting this, as I am inviting scorn to be poured upon my head, but it's a cracking article on slovenly use of the English language. From the chuffin Spectator!
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