Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poor Boys Long Way From home

I've been sat in the garden, enjoying the slight nip in the air, drinking some stinkingly foul Aldi beer (don't believe the Aldi hype!) and listening to John Renbourn. Why has no one told me about him before? What fantastic music for a chilly summer night drinking crap beer. I can only imagine how good he might be on a warm night, drinking good beer. Orgasmic, probably. He's not dissimilar to John Fahey, in case you were wondering, and is very famous and well thought of in the ancient old git fraternity. I'm looking at you, brother.

I posted about prices and wages last night, then I woke up and the same stuff was all over the radio, which has pissed me off, frankly. It's like when you discover a band and 6 months later everyone other bugger loves 'em. so you start to despise them. Don't expect to see any more whinging and whining from me on the state of the economy.............I'm sulking.

Firefox 3 is growing on me, I can't say it is love though.

Andy Gill hates Coldplay,and I can only second that emotion, even though I have only knowingly heard one of their songs, the execrable Yellow. Still, I hate everything about them: the luvviness, the self importance, the GlAstonburyness and the sheer Jo Wiliness of them. They make me puke. The only thing wrong with Gills article is that he is too even handed. The world is our oyster these days when it comes to music, how do chumps like this survive?

Chris Martin: thief

He should take up the ukele like me, I never play the same chuffin note twice!

Talking of plagiarists, Raj Persaud, the man who grins like an idiot on day time tv and provides psychiatric profiles of people he has never met for the tabloids has been found guilty of nicking other peoples work. The scoundrel. The biggest surprise is that he is actually employed by a teaching hospital, when to my mind, he has had no credibility for years. Mind you, I know of at least two psychologists who are happy to provide behavioural management plans for people that they have never met.
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