Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The banking bosses have said sorry. That's OK then. I like to imagine them just sort of shuffling in, looking a bit shame faced and muttering, "soz". It wasn't quite like that though. A cynic might suggest that they aren't all that sorry at all.

While I feel a bit sorry for Scolari and his mate, I am delighted that it's all going tits up at Chelsea. Abramovich is bad enough, but Peter Kenyon is the most odious man in football, apart from that Brummie scoundrel at Manchester City, and if he and his ilk have to learn a hard, hubristic lesson about arrogance, well, it will be no bad thing. There is a good article on it in the Independent.

Apparently, Scolari had (cack phrase alert) "lost the dressing room". The players didn't like this and they didn't like that. Christ, I wish the same principal applied with social service managers, mind you we would be even more trigger happy than Abramovich.

I heard on the news today that some head teacher in Sheffield has resigned after some people took umbrage at her discontinuing of a Muslim assembly. Well, if we banned all religion from state schools, we wouldn't have that particular problem, would we?

Robert Fisk on the Iranian revolution. I remember some very heated debates going on in variouis Labour Clubs just prior to the revolution, with David Owen being accused of all sorts of bastardy. Being a young militant of course, I was firmly on the side of the Mullahs. I have always been a bright spark!

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