Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Valley Town

ELLIOTT BROOD - The Valley Town (FD Session)
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Football fans are mad, completely irrational. A week ago Blues fans were in despair at our lack of signings, and then we had the Nzogbia debacle and we were all suicidal, then, on deadline day, three hats, three rabbits. Unconfined joy. We have the best manager and the best board in the world.  The small matter of never having heard of two of them is beside the point. In the end it doesn't matter who we sign, as long as we sign someone. We would have been just as delighted if we had signed the players Stoke nabbed. The signing of Hleb is genuinely exciting though, and I am very interested to see what our formation will be.

I thought the 5 man midfield worked well against Bolton, until they had a man sent off and then somehow managed to over run us. It was nice (while it lasted) to see Blues players knocking the ball around and always having an option. With the added quality of Hleb, as well as, who knows, the Chile guy and Derbyshire, I think this could be the way forward, which, obviously, means we will be 4-4-2 against Liverpool. I know nothing, I am happy to admit it, but I do know that it feels as if the season is starting anew, only this time, with that old, familiar glow of happy anticipation.

As usual Harry Redknapp insisted he wouldn't be doing any business, which could only signify one thing………a new player for Tottenham. He said that he had to go for the chap because at 8 million it was too good a bargain. 8 million would represent a huge gamble for the likes of us, for Tottenham it is chump change. Good job we have the best manager in the world and don't need money to succeed!

For all the hatred and scorn that gets poured onto Gordon Browns poor head, he seems to be the only one out of the whole sorry cabal who is capable of maintaining some dignity.

I don't much care wether or not William Hague has been slipping his special friend advisor one, but since his tales of epic drinking, and his heroic dissembling over Michael Ashcroft, the more he proclaims that he is telling the truth, the less inclined I am to believe him.
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