Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Well, how can I not comment?

When the Barmy Brexit Brigade won half the country went into a hysterical meltdown I remained pretty calm. I would have preferred the vote to go the other way, but wasn't too bothered. We will still be ruled by a self perpetuating elite, and we little people will still get the shitty end of the stick, the same as we always have. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, that was my thinking. I was surprised, not to say gobsmacked, that the Barmy Boris Battalion had won though. Whatever the merits of the argument, I could not see any situation in which the great British public would vote for a sorry crew of Bash Street rejects like Boris, Farage, IDS and Gove. I was appalled.

Another consequence that did get me boiling with rage involved the Parliamentary Labour Party, which used the event to further their own sickening agenda and to once again, treat the activists and the public like idiots. All they saw was an opportunity to bash and remove Corbyn. Sod the party, sod the country, sod the fact that the Tories themselves were going into meltdown, none of it matters when there is an opportunity to rid themselves of Corbyn and regain their cosy control of the party, which they see as their natural right. I was fucking appalled.

Now I have woken in shock again. Going to bed last night a clever man on the radio was saying that turnout is huge which can only mean a victory for Clinton. I reassured the Mrs that she would wake up in a relatively sane world and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

I woke to the news. THE news. First I was surprised, then I was appalled. I don't care for Clinton, I wish the Democrats had chosen Sanders, but still, she would have got my vote if had one. I'm still a little bit not bothered; once again, it will be the little people that get the shitty end of the stick and it will be a case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The 1% will still rule the world.

What surprises me, and shocks me, genuinely shocks me, is that people can vote in sufficient numbers for such a despicable man. It is not as though his character traits are a secret.

But I am filled with hope, oh, yes I am. Maybe I'm as barmy as the Boris Brigade.

Brexit, and now Trump have both served to deliver the apparatchiks and the nepotists and the cosy political elites and the commentariat a long overdue and well deserved kick right in the bollocks. The hoi polloi have refused to listen, have forgotten to tug the forelock,  and said up yours maties, we're sick of the lot of you. The voting public in 2 great nations have said to the privileged few at the top, sorry, we don't like you, we don't trust you and we are not having it, anymore, no siree.

What the hoi polloi has done is said, we have no idea what Brexit will bring, we have no idea what Trump will bring, but we don't care, because you self serving bastards have taken us to the end of our tether, and up with it we shall no longer put. The little people have rebelled and said, if it means cocking a snook at you lot, we are prepared to take a chance on something different. We'll risk it.

All the left needs to do is be brave. Recognise that voters no longer listen to what the Bullingdon boys and the Oxbridge PPE philosophers, and the advertising arses and the 4th estate tells them and that they are prepared to make their own minds up.

The PLP needs to take note. The mandate that Corbyn has is a genuine mandate, and it can be built on. Voters can be persuaded. They no longer trust smooth talking PR wankers offering meaningless soundbites. They no longer trust big media. Dear Tom Watson, Angela Eagle and all the rest of you charlatans, please, get behind Corbyn, because he can win the next election, and if you really can't get behind him, keep  yer trap shut, and if you can't manage that, kindly eff orf.

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