Monday, January 13, 2003

As expected Blues got stuffed by Arsenal, oh dear, what a shame, never mind. There was much to be encouraged about in our performance with 3 of our new signings looking like they can make a contribution, the fourth will come good too, absolutley convinced of that and could even turn out to be the best of the lot. Some Blues fans have gone a bit overboard, forgiving the result because of the potential that was on show and in the belief that we will now easily beat teams of a lesser standard than Arsenal.
I not yet convinced. The 2 midfilders, Clapham and Clemence are good solid pros, the sort which all prem clubs have, at best they level the playing field. Dugarry looks a class act but one swallow doesn't make a summer. I was invited to eat my lucky hat when Morrison scored 2 goals, he has done nothing since. I will reserve judgement, thought it looks very promising, it has to be said. Coly looked awful yesterday, but at least had the good grace to seem embarrassed. He will find his feet and adjust to the pace of the game, no problemo.

More on Lee Bowyer, this article is written by a chap who spent some time researching Bowyers roots. Despite the guy clearly hving some sympathy with Bowyer he still come across as an odious git.
Hugh Mcilvanny writes with his customary eloquence on the Bowyer situation.

Brilliant Sunday Times piece on Mike Tyson.

There has been a bit of a row going on as to whether England should play a cricket match in Zimbabwe. I remember when Zimbabwe achieved indepedence and I was delighted that Mugabe beat the other , big fat guy to the leadership. I believed Mugabe was a decent, civilised individual while the other guy was a murderous thug. This Spectator piece shows how wrong I was and puts the small matter of a cricket match into perspective.

Annotated Bible! Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father. -- Genesis 19:36

Looking for pussy?

Beware the uber pea

Some photos of New York, with added commentary.
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