Friday, January 24, 2003

Jah Wobble is one of my all time favourite musicians, always searching for something new and different. The Guardian had a chat with him about his influences.

David Mamet on jews in the cinema

Although his main tenet is a bit facile, Imran Khan writes interestingly about Muslim perceptions of the impending but not inevitable war.

Steve Bell, brilliant. Four Guardian links one after the other, I think that's probably enough, even for me.

Ragamuffin has finally awoke from his long slumber. I only know this guy from football message boards, although we have met, along with the lovely Bluetitch a couple of times at Blues games. It hasn't stopped him trying to help me out online though for about a couple of hours with a little problem I have with the blog. Thank God he was able to rouse himself.
It's his fault I have to link to another Guardian article, he has written very thoughtfully about the latest celebrity paedophile scandal, which reminded me of something I read yesterday.

The Bluetitch 5:
1) If you were Prime Minister, what three new laws would you bring in?
Love thy Neighbour, Ban chewing gum, Penny on tax into my bank account. It's a big trough and I want my snout in it.

2) If the world was coming to an end in seven days, how would you spend your time?
I could say see last week, I would just do that, or something similar, in spades. I would try to spread a bit of love, not to everyone, that's trite, but not to be mocked. Those that I do love, and know it anyway, would be left in no doubt, I would smother the poor sods, and I would blog. My heart would just open up and pour the fuck out.

3) Apart from your family, what two things would you save if your house was on fire?
Shit, you should have said what 2 things and I could have said, me red suede wincklepickers and one of the twins. I suppose the cats and fish are family. My bread machine and juicer.

4) If you really wanted to get back at someone, name one way you would like to torture them.
It would never happen. The worst thing I could do to someone is forgive them.

5) What was your favourite age to be?
Good question! Easy question!!!!!.
My eldest is eight in about 10 days, my youngest is two today, just thought I would mention it, BOB!! anyway, the eldest in the first 5 days of being seven learnt to ride a bike and to swim, late maybe but we were overprotective, and we work so time is limited. I said what's it like being seven and his face lit up and he said he loved it. It has carried on like that, new adventures and challenges and skills learned every day. All sorts of things he wanted to try and thought he would get knocked back, like body boarding, he got to try.
That first time I asked him, I said I remember being seven, it was brilliant. I only vaguely remember it to be honest, but if I wrap up all my happiest memories of endless summer days, playing in the gutters of Tyseley or on the railway bank hunting grass snakes, or getting pennies squashed by the trains, in my head I am seven, so seven it is, age of glorious innocence. For the lucky ones.

Support for the war that is far from being inevitable is non existent in some parts of the world and dwindling elsewhere, pity it won't make any chuffin difference.

Lets all chuff off to Canada
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