Saturday, January 18, 2003

A point away is never to be scoffed at and to get one against Blackburn is as much as any rational person could have wished for before the game.

The cloning dudes have a website.

The sheer size of the anti war movement is beginning to restore my faith in human nature, not that I am naive enough to believe it will make a scrap of difference.
Should we need reminding, what this war will be about.
No War blog

This story is fascinating and gruesome. In 1973 two young women were brutally murdered on their way home from a disco in South Wales. There was little sophistication in forensic techniques back then, and reading the article it becomes clear that we are living in a different world. The killer was discovered, 12 years after his own death.

If Sarah Hughes concentrated on the game, rather than her knitting, she may not talk quite so much shit.
I think the broadsheets just send fans of the home team to do their coverage. More shit talked about todays match.
Bleedin 'ell !! A fair report.
At least this guy seems to have been paying attention.
Oh dear, the best report by far is the bloody Sunday People!

I might be naive, I might be simplistic, I might be overly idealistic, but even more than than his war mongering, it's Bushes capacity for blatant duplicity that winds me up. One would have thought that having stolen the presidency he would have shown some chance. Now his party is blatantly spamming the newspapers of America. This shows an absolute disdain for the polity and makes my armpits prickle.
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