Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Justice not Vengeance.
Stop the war, by bus

Medical science having failed in its eternal attempts to cure me of crippling migraines, I continue to seek an answer in quackery. I have tried cranio sacral therapy which is an extremely pleasant experience but is no cure, although there did seem to be an improvement for about 12 months or so. The number of herbal remedies I have tried doesn't bear thinking about.
Today I tried reflexology for the first time. I didn't happen to have a migraine at the time so it is a bit difficult to judge, plus she recommended 6 treatments for it to be fully efficaceous. I will reserve judgement but continue with the treatments. A couple of things she said were very impressive. She identified that I have severe discomfort in my neck and again in my lower back and spine just from piddling about with my toes, and I have to admit that there seems to be significantly less tension there than there was before, although that could be a placebo effect. Anyway, it is a beautifully chuffin pleasurable way to while away an hour even if there are no health benefits.

One cheer for democracy.

A tale of two presidents, one representing an unelected oligarchy, the other Brazilian.

Vigilantes on the US Mexico border. At the risk of sounding flippant there are at least two Ry Cooder songs tucked away in there.

The homeless of Algiers

Zen Arts, courtesy of Plep.

Make your p.c catproof.

World newspapers.

The beautiful game. All kudos to spionkop for the inspiration.

Images of North American Indians (posted on mefi by plep)

The USA has gone mad.
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