Monday, January 20, 2003

Good account of the anti war protest in San Francisco, fairly depressing end to the piece though, which is probably very true.

As veterans who have served in wartime, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that those who serve in uniform today are not sent into battle without just cause. It is our moral responsibility to ensure that they don't needlessly die in a faraway desert for motivations that are unclear. Hold no illusions: Hundreds, possible thousands of Americans will die in the coming war. Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis will die in the coming war

The reports in Mondays papers seem a bit more balanced and considered regarding the treatment of Dugarry "The French Frank" (Copyright Colin Bumstead) by Blackburn. All concur that he was singled out for treatment and that Blackurn were thuggish. Best of the bunch because of its considerable wit is TheTimes

Io at sunset

Don't laugh, Chumbawumba have an excellent website, more of a resource really.

The story of people in south west Wales using cheap cooking oil to power their cars is old hat, but I like this article. There is a class quote from the manager of the local Asda in there.

Back about a year ago I started another blog to use as diary of the shit that goes on at work, but did it when I was pissed and have never been able to find the bugger since. Livelog might be the answer, looks very simple.

Revolutionary diet, said the Fat Bastard in the corner.

There's a storm a brewing.

Another game at which I am crap, a pattern matching thingy.
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