Wednesday, March 19, 2003

My PC is still in the knackers yard so blogging is next to impossible, I will still post the odd rant however, starting today.
I don't even know if the pc can be fixed yet, as I cannot pay the shop till pay day in 2 weeks, but I have caught up with significant amounts of sleep, reaquainted myself with my family and got through large amounts of print. Finished Tishimingo Blues, which is nowhere near Leonards best but is a damn good read just the same.
We had a marvelous week at Sandy Balls and came back completely refreshed, it hasn't taken long to revert to my more normal jaded and cynical state though. The good news is the FFC has fallen off a kerb and broken her leg, for which we have all offered up prayers of thanks.
The war is just about upon us and my outrage grows by the day. I am ashamed of my nation for being involved in this. Now that hostilities are set to start I am told I can longer oppose the war as it disrespects our brave boys and we all have a duty to support them. I think not, unimaginable pain and suffering is going to be visited upon hundreds of thousands of innocent people, the fact that it is our brave boys who will be responsible does nothing to make that right today, anymore than it did 6 months ago.
Jonathon Freedland is as eloquent as ever on the issue and states his case, much better than I state mine.
Clare Short has lost all credibility, the stupid cow. How she could make such a big noise and then just backtrack completely is beyond my reasoning. Unfortunately she is in a completely safe seat, so her future is secure, no one can ever trust her again, however. Steve Bell has his say. Rod Liddle gets on my nerves a bit but it is difficult not to supress a smirk when remembering what he said about Short a few weeks ago and what he has to say on the matter today. Tony Banks commented this morning that it a pity she uses the nation as a psychiatrists couch, which made me chuckle.
Blues fans with a persection complex and a chip on their shoulder (me) have had much to be chippy about lately. First Savage is painted as the villain after being nutted by the odious Dublin and now Dugarrys spit is making headlines and he is facing a abn. Villa seem to have got away with it. Gareth Barrry was malevelance personisfied all night and didn't even get booked, the little skinhead was a seething and dangerous malcontent all night and will receive a mimimal ban. Their fans got on the pitch and remained unmolested by police or security for many minutes: at least one tried to attack our fans and another confronted Savage. Yet somehow it is all our fault. My flabber is gasted.
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