Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Robert Fisk, trenchant as ever.

Steve Bell.

A good interview with one of the dudes from Ozomatli, the acceptable face of hip hop.

I found this site full of gruesome pictures on mefi and I wish I hadn't. I do not reccommend looking at it, unless you are pro war, in which case I think you should.

I have to admit to some ambivalence about this war. I remain anti, and wish it would stop right now, however given that this is unlikely to happen, I have been rooting for our boys. If war there must be, then I would want the so called coalition to win, and win quickly. I feel terrible when one of ours gets killed, even if it was one of his mates that did it, then I remember that there is no need for them to be there, and that if they hadn't invaded someone elses country no would be shooting at them, not even their own side.
I get a bit tired of the triumphalism of the varied Hooray Henrys representing the British forces to the media. While telling us they are the best equipped in the world and ideally suited to urban warfare they are shhoting the bollocks off one another whille leaving thirs behinds horribly exposed to attacks by Iraquis left behind in towns that they didn't quite get around to securing.
But...but but but, patriotism kicks in and I cannot help feeling proud, sickened, ashamed, but nevertheless, proud.

There seems to be some dispute about the authenticity of Raed, I am happy to give him the benefit of the doubt, essential reading.
This chap has tried to check old raeds authenticity, as has this one.
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