Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Still computerless, but hopefully will have it back tomorrow. Unfortunately though, it will take weeks to get it back as it was, as I very stupidly wiped everything off the bugger before deciding I needed to get someone who actually knows anything about computers to look at it. It took me about 4-5 hours to install broadband, all the while talking to a nice young man down the phone, I am not looking forward to repeating the experience. Normal blogging could well still be a few days away.

Been reading Hell To Pay by Pelecanos. I prefer his Stefanos novels and the issues led nature of the narrative of these Strange/Quinn books grates a bit, but it is still unputdownable.

When British troops went to pick up the dead body of a comrade slain by friendly American fire they had to wear chemical suits to protect themselves from the depleted uranium released by American missiles. Can someone remind me how raining hell upon towns and cities and poisoning the land is supposed to be helping the people of Iraq? Hearts and minds, hearts and minds.

Steve Bell

The U.S and international law

Thoughtful Time article on the role of Al Jazeera.
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