Sunday, April 27, 2003

Des Walker was an England regular for years then sort of drifted off into relative obscurity. He is still at it at the age of 37 and here gives only his second interview in 20 years. It is of interest to Blues fans in that he is quoted as saying that he nearly signed for us but couldn't work with Ron Saunders. He also says he didn't like the vibe at Villa which is why he didn't sign for them either.

Edith Templeton, is an 86 year old lady, seeing out her twilight years in a resort town in Italy.. Previously she was an author, in particular she was the author of an account of a relationship of hers which was characterised by violence. The book has just been reissued. Here she talks to the Guardian about her life.
Chapter one

There appears to be news embargo on Iraq at the moment, events there have fallen way down the agenda, as if nothing of any significance is going on. The same happened with Afghanistan, but the war there is far from over. Once the cameras have gone, the misery continues.

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