Sunday, April 06, 2003

The new(ish) Ben Harper, has had some mixed reviews but I have to say I am pretty impressed with it, I admit it is the sort of thing fat old dudes would listen to but there you go. I don't know why, but throughout I am reminded of Finlay Quaye.

The onion seems to be going through something of a golden period.

This is one of the reasons that I am opposed to this war. How many more Omar's are there wandering the dusty and bloodstained streets and highways of Iraq. How many more children are left in a bemused state of grief and terror? thousands I suspect. The report on the website doesn't show the pictures that are contained in the print version, which is a pity because they are truly heartbreaking and show us Omars despair in stark relief.
I read of the deaths of the children aged 3, 6, and 10 and was close to despair myself. That is not far from the ages of my 3 and I bet those dead Iraqui nipppers were just as innocent and beautiful as mine. Can you imagine the terror these innocents must have felt as they hurtled towards their death?
This is not war it is slaughter and I cannot think of one thing I have seen or read so far that justifies it. I said a while back that despite my opposition to the war I was proud of our brave boys. No longer. Now I just feel sick.

Robert Fisk on the early hours of the battle for Baghdad

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