Monday, April 21, 2003

The cool looking French dude whose picture I keep posting, in case you don't know, is Christophe Dugarry, who is fast becoming a legend down at the Blues.
When he arrived in January much of the media was very sniffy, saying he couldn't score, was past it, was looking for a last lucrative pay day, his reputation was built upon being mates with Zidane and, to quote a Scottish fool, he "was a waste of space". Well, if only all our players were as crap.
Despite his non scoring status he has put 3 away in the last 3 games, but more than that, he has turned our season around. Still the media detest him, saying he is a cheat, he falls over when he is fouled and is always looking for a chance to display a peculiarly French talent for moral chicanery. I don't think we care very much anymore what the media say about us, our team or our handsome French dude. We have been proving the fuckers wrong all season and it is a beautiful feeling.
Notwithstanding the above the Telegraph today had an article which was sympathetic towards him and also showed a rare appreciation of his particular and subtle skills.

Having been something of a kid who practically dragged himself up without benefit of parental intervention, and regarding the gutter as my natural environment from the age of two, I firmly believe that there is good in all of us if only some chuffer would come along and help us find it. People like Jimmy Boyle I find an absolute inspiritation; to turn his life around the way he did is remarkable, and there have been others in similar situations. Without wishing to sound trite, I know how difficult it is to make something of yourself, anything of yourself, when you percieve the odds are mightily stacked against you, and rather than getting support for any minimal talent you show, you constantly get knocked back. So I commend this article by Erwin James with all of my heart. Good on the dude.

Bozack nation issue 2 has a great piece on Danish vagabond Jacob Holt, who spent many tears travelling America and documenting what he finds, often selling his blood to pay for the film with which he does it. It is most definitely worth a click. As is his website.
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