Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Bleedinell. I could get used to this not working lark. Spent all day yesterday basically arsing about on the pc all day, posting cobblers on various message boards and nicking music. I thanked young Flavio for introducing me to Soulseek, but it is becoming a bit a of a curse (when I can actually connect anyway). I have lifted so much stuff from there I am embarrassed to share with you what I now have. The best of it has been Bill Frisell's unfortunately named The Willies. I just can't stop playing it. It's so good I feel guilty for not having paid for it. I recommend anyone who reads this should go and buy it, to assuage my guilt. I still haven't done my mefiswap though.
Another thing I nicked was the entire 3 cd Clash on Broadway, which I don't feel so bad about as I already own most of that stuff in various formats twice over. I mention it because me and the daughter had a day at the beach; it should have been the whole tribe but the eldest had a dental emergency, which of course is all my fault. It was a glorious day and we had some chuffin fun. It's the first time I have been to this beach because, well I am bit of a snob and it's next door to Porthcawl, but it's only half hour from home and really is great. It's also a bit inaccessible, which keeps the riff raff away, they stay on the beach in town.
Anyway, the day was beautiful and the motorway empty and the Clash were blasting out. Police On My Back came on. I had forgotten all about that song, it must be 25 years since I last heard it. What a fucking brilliant song.
I also managed to pick up 3 more Willefords on the way home for a fiver, and a very decent tempranillo for 3 quid. I might just have to retire.
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