Friday, June 13, 2003

Crab Ball

A history of CBGB'S

It being bloody hot, my in car entertainment has mostly been classic 70's dub. I have also discovered Ted Leo, who is very far from being dub, but it is very, very good. The bugger is on in Cardiff in a couple of weeks for about a fiver, the night after The Sadies. Wonder if I can get to both. Jon Langford is guesting with Sadies, it will be a night to remember I suspect

There is a very good literary website, which publishes short fiction. Unlike others of the type it doesn't overload itself, so is very user friendly.

I read this last week and thought I must blog it then forgot all about it, till it popped up on Mefi. It's the story of a Japanese girl who turned up in Fargo, apparently looking for the money that was buried in the film. She wound up dead.

A snobby, but accurate, article on British grub.
Bloke in the Kitchen.
Healthy grub.

Just finished the Fred Willard, so good I am going to have to get another. First though I will finish the Thornburg I started last night and which pulled me in immediately.

Although at times he talks like a cock, much of this article looking at the Beckham transfer is spot on. I really don't know why I bother with football anymore. The whole thing including the personalities, is starting to make me feel nauseus.

I rarely give advice, so listen to yourself a favour, one way or another, legal or illegal, get yourself a copy of I Trawl The Megahertz, by Paddy Mcaloon.
Interview with Mcaloon. Not recent.
Any excuse to share a recipe. Being skint I am always chuffed when I find something easy, cheap, quick and which all of us will eat. I don't know when, recently though, I invented the dogs bollocks of chicken thingys. Even if I say so myself.
Olive oil
smoked paprika
couple of lemons
salt pepper, obviously
Small bag of nice spuds
3 lemons, probably
One clove garlic, chopped not minced,
Some shallots, or onion, quartered
About 8 chicken thighs

Put big, big glug of olive oil in roasting tin and chuck in the oregano, paprika and seasoning, with juice from 2 of the lemons.
Having sliced the spuds, not thick, not thin, toss them in all the lovely, fragranced oil.
Sprinkle over the garlic
Skin the chicken and score the bugger, give it a good coating of oil and lay over the spuds
Tuck a quartered lemon and some shallots all around ( or onion)
Bang it in hot oven for about an hour.
The chicken might be slightly overcooked, some spuds definitely will be, but it won''t matter because the flavour will knock everyones socks off. There will be no leftovers.

I did this with some left over spuds a few weeks ago and have done it pretty much every night since.
Cooked spuds, floury will do if you can devote time, love and patience.
1 big onion
2 cloves garlic, chopped not minced
I green chilli, chopped, wash your hands before going to the toilet.
Basically stick em all in a big frying or saute pan with oil and butter. Cook very slow, very gentle for about 45 minutes. The secret is the very slow gentle frying...the slower the better, be patient very low heat,,, gentle nudging till they go brown all over. Fuckin ace man.

I wonder if I am too old for an existential crisis?

Anyone remember Ducks Deluxe?
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