Friday, June 06, 2003

OO er. The template has changed. It's still much better than the one on my other blog, which is the essence of crap. I might just have to start posting all my work ramblings here.

This isn't a work rambling, although it might appear to be so. I will ramble workwise, later, but on the other blog; this is a general ramble which just happens to be work related.
This morning , while going for water, I saw someone struggling to get through a heavy door while carrying a big box. Instinctively, I went to help. Then I noticed it was some grease laden and orange faced cow from personal who not only was responsible for my pal Sian leaving but was very rude to me and my colleagues in Londinium the other week. So I just thought fuck it and let her struggle. That's all.

Cooking with Google.

WMD: where is the chuffing outrage!!

Read about M Ward.

"It took two or three days to walk correctly, but . . ."

Write better e mails.
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