Friday, February 08, 2008

Row Fisherman Row

Happiness is a new Camilleri

I don't watch England much but when I have done is has always been painfully similar to watching the Blues, with all the frustration and disappointment which that entails and the sinilairty continues. We have a new man who professes to like a passing game and so do England, and I think both men are going to find it very difficult to realise their lofty ambitions; although old Fabio will have the easier task.

Fabios mate Baldini has said that as a nation we are obsessed with hoofing the ball skywards after one or two passes and either he or Fabio has said that it is easier to play with the ball on the ground, the key is to practice, practice, practice. So they made the poor wee dabs train twice each day before the game the other night. I have read that some of the prem managers have objected to this criminal overworking of their little darlings.

Mr Eck should follow Fabios lead and have the Blues in twice each day. It is obvious that probably only two of our highly accomplished and highly paid professional footballers can actually pass a ball with any accuracy. His assistant has said that we will persist with a passing game because that is the best way to win games.........well not if we keep passing it to the opposition it isn't, so they should have 'em in, and make them practice until the bloody pips squeak; with the money they now earn surely they can't object to putting in a full days labour?

The money men have come up with the bright idea of inflicting the likes of the Blues and Blackburn on unsuspecting populations the whole world over. Our chairman has predictably come out in favour of it, the bottom line being, as ever, the only line.

Can we now have a prolonged period of silence concerning the Munich air crash? Is that possible? Unless someone wants to tell me how much money Manchester Utd have banked from the city's nations worlds mourning.

"How good was that", has joined my list of cack phrases, a phrase which has caused Billy Bragg Harry Pearson to write a piece which made me piss myself, at least once.

Man, do I empathise with this bloke! Blues message boards are full of people who use the word "of" when they mean "have" As in, "he would of scored if he hadn't been a useless great berk". I made that up, obviusly, because Blues have never employed a useless great berk and even if they had, we wouldn't mention it, because, well, he is Blues and it is compulsory to love him. Anyway, it has become so ubiquitous that I no longer know if this is a mass attempt at irony, or a mass attempt to lend the message boards some local authenticity, or, Blues fans, in large numbers, really do believe that they are using the word in its correct context. There, I wouldn't of dared mention it before reading that piece.

The life cycle of a blog post.

Why we kiss

There are some natural phenomena whose wonder only deepens upon scientific investigation. Take the orgasm............

Songerize will play you song if you know the name of it and who sung it, and it has seems to have plenty though, so long as you don't get too obscure.
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