Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So Round So Firm So Fully Packed

Iraq seems to have fallen off the news radar a bit, unless we are being told how the surge has worked and everyday life is returning to something like normality; then, buried somewhere deep inside our daily paper, way after all the pages and pages devoted to the minutiae of an election in a far away country, we will see that 40 Iraqis have died in a suicide attack in a market, or a roadside bomb has killed dozens of innocent civilians. The slaughter continues, but so long as it is Iraqis being mutilated, we don't much care.

There is a good article relating to this in the Independent. As is pointed out there, Blair not only walks away scot free, he continues to better himself. He should be thankful he didn't take drugs to win a race, then he would know what opprobrium is. It still baffles me how Blair and Bush can reconcile their Christian beliefs with their actions, I still wonder how they ever manage to sleep at night; surely they can't be so self righteous that they never have a troubling thought, a moment of doubt, the odd night lying awake, staring at the ceiling, contemplating what they have done. Do they ever wonder how history will judge them...........and despair?

Meanwhile, a top Taliban bloke who was rumoured to have turned and had gotten into bed with the good guys (that's us) has been nabbed by the Pakistan secret police, who don't seem to be very good at being the good guys. It's a murky old world.

Bloggers thrive on fragmented attention and dole it out too—one-liners, samples of songs, summary news, and summary judgments. Sometimes they don't even stop to punctuate.
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