Friday, April 18, 2008

The Boy From New York City

There was a good article in the Independent the other week on Welsh photographer Robert Haines, who took photos of the locals around Merthyr during his holidays from college in the seventies, it's not too dissimilar around those valleys today. I wish I could take some photos of the characters I come across on a daily basis and stick them up here, I'm not sure it would be ethical though, nor am I sure that too many of them would take kindly to it. The article has a link to some of the pictures and is worth a look.

Lets hear it for Brum. Again.

Michael Chabon reviews Richard Prices new novel, Lush Life, which isn't available here yet but gives us something to look forward to. There is no point me telling you how good Price is, Chabon makes a good enough job of that.

An extract from Mark E Smiths autobiography. And another. Brilliant stuff.
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