Friday, April 04, 2008

Hit The Road Jack

Brummie buggers: we are all thick.
When I moved to Cardiff, just short of 23 years ago, I had a job on the fruit and nut counter of a big department store in town and one day, when I asked a chap if I could help he and his Mrs beamed all over their faces and announced themselves as fellow Brummies. They said they had lived in Cardiff for 20 years and I thought, how strange. Funny how life turns out, innit?

I have never bought Mojo in my life, being too cool, obviously, for that old farts rag, until today, when the cover CD tempted me, and sticking it on in the car on the way home, the first track Skinhead Moonstomp convinced me that my money had been well spent. The rest of is is a bit shit though. Can you believe I can't find a decent link to Skinhead Moonstomp.

Blues reacquaint themselves with Steve Bruce tomorrow at the Wigan Library. We will moida da bums!

At the silly time of 11am on Sunday, on Channel 5 of all places, there is a programme devoted to the inspirations behind the music of trendy young folkies such as Seth Lakeman and Eliza Carty. Don't say you weren't told.
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