Thursday, December 18, 2008

Song For My Father

It's been how long?

It hardly seems worth it anymore, but like the bloody Blues, I just can't give it up.

Throw a shoe at Bush

I have been trained over the last few months and I am now qualified to teach certain simple self defence moves to carers who might be at risk of assault. I can guarantee that if anyone attempted to assault me, they would succeed, yet I can stand in front of a room of people and demonstrate techniques to them which will reduce their chances of getting hurt. I am living proof of the old adage that that those who can, do, and those who can't, teach.

My old Mondeo is knackered and I am having to change it, which is not something I enjoy doing, which is why I always drive knackered old bangers until they literally fall apart. The Mondeo is going to Oxfam, who will auction it and keep any proceeds. Bear this in mind if you have an uneconomical old banger, it could still do some good. I wonder how much I would get for the Mrs?

The Guardian has a new list of 100 best websites. The interesting thing is how uninteresting it is. Nearly everything on the list is well known, whereas a few years ago nearly everything would have been new. The reason I started blogging was because I was finding so much stuff that was just, so new, so different, so plain everything seems a bit old hat and everyone knows where to find stuff that interests them. The comment box that invites other recommendations is empty, so far anyway. The web has stagnated!

Here is my end of year list:

A magnum photo essay on life and death in Brazil............ a man will talk to you as you view it, just so you know: Requiem in Samba

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