Monday, December 22, 2008

Steady Rolling

There is a great piece by AC Grayling on secularism in todays Guardian. Christian nutters have had it too easy for too long; it's time to fight back.

Which gives me the opportunity for a moan. My nipper goes to a school on the other side of town. We made a rational decision to send him there because it is the best school in town. The Welsh government won't tell you that, because they like to keep these thing secret, but, as I worked for the council at the time, I saw a report which is not publicly available, which made it plain that to send him to our local comp would have been irrational to the point of lunacy. Its a bit of a pain, with all his new mates living miles away and it's a bit a pa9in paying the extra bus fare, when he could have walked.

Which brings to my point. As he waits for the bus, he is surrounded by dozens of kids waiting for a free bus to a catholic school in another town, and every bus stop I pass on the way to work has loads of kids wearing that schools uniform, waiting for the free bus. My nipper cannot get free transport because there is another school nearer to him. Well there is another school nearer to the Catholics too, but they get free transport because they believe in fairy stories. I have mentioned before that most of these kids were in the Church Of Wales as juniors, because that particular school has a better reputation than others. It ain't just, I tell you, and the bigger injustice is that the local school are all shitholes and public money goes to faith schools.

Play flow, it will relax you.

Hallelujah, Christ, I am sick of that bloody song, whoever is doing, mostly though, I am sick of hearing it constantly hummed everywhere I go. I'm not sick of Leonard Cohen, especially his narration of the Tibetan Book of the Dead:

Have you seen Outnumbered on the BBC? That's us, that is.
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