Friday, August 14, 2009

It Makes No Difference

No sooner do I post that the Blues fans and board are experiencing irrevocable differences than Carson Yeung pops up again, with a takeover bid, although no one is saying much, not even our usually loquacious board. Has the news made us all happy? No, it hasn't. It has set brother against brother, mother against son; the blood feuds that will arise from this will go on for centuries.

While I was innocently perusing the sports pages the other day, my eyes fell upon a quote by John Terry; "England can win world cup" and my heart sank. Why can't these arrogant chumps learn to keep their traps shut. If Joey Barton has ever got anything right it has been in ridiculing the egos of the likes of Terry, Lampard and Gerrard........"we were shit, buy my book". Luckily, in Capello, we seem to have a manager who sees things for what they are and who is also skilled in the art of keeping egos in check.

A very good article on football management here. I should hate Graham Taylor, but I don't; he seems to have a lot of dignity about him, and I like the way that he refuses to forgive and forget.

I am currently reading, or struggling with, "Suffer The Children" by Adam Creed. The writing is brilliant. The characters are well drawn, if a bit predictable, the plot is interesting, the moral dilemmas are intriguing, but the violence and the torture is unpalatable. Lots of authors spoil very good books with unlikely plot developments or violence that it is as implausible as it is unnecessary. I nearly gave up on it, but will persevere because the of the quality of the writing, but I reckon I know what the outcome will be. I shall report back when I have finished and I promise to be honest.

Why do good writers do that? Why do they throw in a load of gratuitous nonsense? Is it because they disrespect their audience and think that they have to throw in a bit of sex and violence to sell their books? I don't say that the Creed book would be better without the violence and torture, but it certainly wouldn't be worse.
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