Friday, August 21, 2009

One Way Ticket To The Blues

Reasons to be cheerful:

The sun, she shines. Er, that's it for now.

So, this is what I said the other day: I don't know what the board can do to improve the relationship with fans. Well, Sully could stop slagging them off, that would be a start, but I think that they are no longer trusted. They have promised too much without delivering in the past and gratitude for saving us 15 years ago seems to have gone. They don't seem to have much ambition for us and don't seem to love us anymore, if they ever did; I think the relationship is doomed. For Eck, on the other hand, it is easy, get us playing decent football, forbid the buggers from just knocking the ball straight back to the opposition as if it was a park game of attack and defence and win us a few chuffing points!

And what has happened? We have played some decent football, gained three points and scored a goal. A late goal, and a penalty at that, but, nevertheless, a goal. Now everyone loves Eck. What else happened? Bugger me, it looks like the board are actually on their bikes and that the much maligned and ridiculed Carson Yeung will be buying us. Who knew I had such power?

As you would expect, there is disagreement among Blues fans as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. All that can be said for certain at this stage is that it is a thing. Personally, I am excited by it, not because I have any great hopes, but because it's yet another loop on the roller coaster ride. There is never a dull moment with this club and whatever happens, it will be a laugh. Actually, it might not be a laugh, but I'm willing to be optimistic for now.

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