Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You may recall The Wrun two years ago. It nearly killed me, and it was only a mile. Since then I have done nothing and I am even fatter now than I was then. Charlie, star of the previous attempt to see me  off, has persuaded me to have another go, this time, though, we mean business, we are doing 3 miles. This could be a huge mistake.

Anyway, should you feel like sponsoring us, you can do it here. I shall endeavour to update our progress. I say "our" it will be no problem for Charlie, my progress, or lack of it, could be amusing  though. I have made a start this very evening. I stepped on and off a stool 120 time did thirty squat thingies and ten press ups. Didn't throw up once. Celebrated with a Kate and Sidney pie and two doughnuts. Piece of piss, this fitness lark.

Lo and behold, my accounts of the previous effort are still hanging around.
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