Friday, April 02, 2010

Well. I am alive. Apologies for lack of entertainment while I was preparing for the Wrun. It was all a bit uneventful. I have realised that most of my problems came from my piss poor breathing; once I trained myself to breathe properly (no easy task), it all became much easier. Mind you, I did get some strange looks from the dog walkers, as I would stand in the middle of a field, breathing in as I raised my arms to the sky, and breathing out as I lowered them, ever so slowly, down. Which was actually quite sane compared to inducing hyperventilation with a crazy and noisy technique I read about in one of the Sunday papers.

Here is a bleeding treat. Johnny Cash, live at Montreux 1994. The whole damn thing.

The Blues have been a bit of a treat lately, as well. We have Liverpool at home on Sunday and most commentators in the press and some Liverpool fans consider the game to be one of the hardest that Liverpool have left. Who would have thunk it 6 months ago?

Watching the Arsenal v Barcelona game it was apparent that the commentators assumed that everyone watching wanted Arsenal to win. I don't know anyone who wanted Arsenal to win. Everyone I know despises them.

Talking of despicable individuals:

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