Tuesday, April 06, 2010


You may have come across Erwin James when he was writing about his life in prison for the Guardian. There was a very good, short programme featuring him talking about food on radio 4 today. Highly recommended.

Surprise news of the day: there is going to be an election. I must start blogging more regularly, if only to insult and disrespect the bastard Tories.

Let's start with William Hague, who came across very badly in an interview with PM tonight when he was asked about Chris Grayling. As he did when questioned about Ashcroft, Hague dissembled and dissembled and dissembled. Just like Cameron, he thinks that if he doesn't like a question, he can just say that the matter has bean dealt with and there is no need for further discourse. It was very pleasing to hear him being repeatedly questioned though…………and getting flustered. Here's a tip Will, try telling the truth in the first place, then you only make a dick of yourself the once.


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