Sunday, December 01, 2002

An electronic advent calender, trust me, it's good. Only open one present per day though.
Is it me or does all the Christmas nonsense start earlier each year. There isn't a house up our street which doesn't have people up ladders attaching a bewildering array of lights and naff santas. Actually there is, come to think of it.
We will be off to Goytre Wharf later, in the dark and chuffing cold to witness the switching on of the lights. The sally army will be there, of course and all sorts of other bits and bobs for the nippers. Santa will arrive by a lit up bleeding barge! I can hardly wait.

The cognicenti have never abandoned vinyl. You could spend more than a happy few minutes browsing around here to see what's available.

Identikit type pictures. Hours of fun.
A lego version

Ski jumping game. Unbelievably hard.

Half the time, I do not know my arse from my elbow.
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