Saturday, December 28, 2002

Poor, sensitive Aussie batsman takes umbrage at the travelling England cricket fans. Nice to know we can upset their equlibrium, even if it's only in the contest for most annoying tits in the world championship.

If I were an angel, I would be an angel of love. Lots of quizzes which will tell you all sorts about yourself, or help you make decisions here.

LA weekly has published its best and worst lists for the year. In music it is good to see Brendan Benson get a mention. Astonishingly, according to one of the reviewers, one of the best gigs of the year was Rezillos. Rezillos??? I am astonished to find they are still going, their first album is still a power pop classic and they were responsible for one of the best and most riotous nights ever at Barbarellas.

Anyone with any sense knows that the Jonathan Ross show on radio 2 on a Saturday morning is essential listening. Great music, the like of which you will rarely hear elsewhere, even if the sycophantic laughter of his sidekick is a tad irritating so early of a Saturday morning. It is even better when he is away and Mark Lamarr sits in. Not as funny, Lamarr is a bit earnest for a comic, but the music content tends to be just the other side of brilliant.
Among the guests today were Chas Smash, Mark Steele and Paul Simonon. They spent a good 30-40 minutes discussing Strummer and played some classic tracks, including a belter from the 101ers. It was good stuff, and they all insisted on the goodness of the bloke and the fact that he was genuine geezer and a lover of his fellow humans, filled with warmth and compassion. Lamarr alluded to some pep talk Strummer gave him but wouldn't go into details.
Anyway, it was a proper chuffin tribute and the whole show is available online for a week. Scroll down after clicking the link and click on hear it again, It will be Ross not Lamarr you should click on. The Strummer stuff is about 90 mins in, so if that is all you want, you will have to keep skipping forward.
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