Tuesday, December 24, 2002

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Well, it's officially Christmas. I just watched the Snowman with the two youngest, one of whom promptly fell asleep on my belly. Have been far too well organised this year, everything bought days ago. Cranberry sauce, made days ago, likewise the cranberry, chestnut and bacon stuffing. Giblet stock is done and the pussies have had the giblets, and the gammon has simmered in cider for a couple of hours and is now finishing in the oven. I had a mountain of sausage rolls but BobHarford paid a visit and scoffed em so I will have to make some more. Other than that nothing left to do but get pissed. The toilet is knackered but Mrs Buddha is sorting that out.
Happy Chuffing Christmas to everyone.

Track Santa

A while back I ranted on a bit about our lights on the tree in the front garden being vandalised. I have ranted on many times about the perils of living between 2 large council estates and the ensuing anti social behaviour we have to put up with. Thats the beauty of a blog: license to vent.
The other day, just about the time Ralphies head was getting bounced off the floor, there was a loud banging on the window, causing me to just about shit myself. It was one of the neighbours, someone I am on nodding terms with on a verbose day. The longest chat we have have had was them accusing our cats of nicking their milk and me telling them to fuck off and whistle unless they could provide documentary proof. Anyway, she was sorry to trouble me and all that, and hoped I didn't mind but her and man had noticed our lights had been vandalised so had gone out and bought us some replacements. Heavy duty mothers that no one would vandalise in a hurry. Then just now, bang bang bang again. She had brought over a load of pressies for the nippers. Next door are always bringing them little things, and yesterday gave them all some giant chuffin chocolate Santa's. By and large though I still think most of em are chunts, if you think I am overdosing on goodwill.

Having noticed Interpol on numerous U.S end of year best of lists, I had to download a track just to check them out. I have been downloading ever since, superb stuff. They are in Brum on January 28 and amazingly I can get to see them locally on Feb 8, which is nipper number ones birthday, so I might have to do some negotiating.

Jumping Fences has compiled a list of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year, interesting stuff. Flaming Lips and Wilco feature prominently of course. The more personal list is also interesting, for me anyway, in that it features Brendan Benson, The Handsome Family, Laura Cantrell, the Lips, obviously, Cornershop, Jason Ringenberg and of course Wilco, all stuff I have enjoyed this year. Their list of neglected albums is worth a perusal too. It has A.M by Wilco on it, I picked that up for about threepence halfpenny in the summer, its a class album, this is a good site.

Good article on John Gotti


Sledging game, very good.
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