Sunday, December 15, 2002

Fulham 0 Blues 1
This was not a time for quiet reflection: The Guardian
It was a brilliant piece of finishing by the American midfielder:The telegraph
"A Merry Christmas to everyone,'' the Tannoy announced ludicrously:The Independent
Birmingham’s arrival in England’s top flight may seem to them like a fairytale, but yesterday there seemed to be plenty of malice in wonderland:The Times.

The dope on turkeys.
If you can still stomach one, use the Delia method. I have been doing this for years and it has never failed.
Look after your tree.

Rampaging Santas: this could take over the world.

Modern Life is rubbish. Ho hum here I go again moaning about the anti social berks I have the misfortune to live amongst. Earlier on this evening I heard loads of bangs. Is that fireworks, I thought, or another car being torched. It was a car. Later, while reading to nipper number one I heard some kids run down the alley next to us pissing themselves. What have those little bastards been up to I thought, then admonished myself. Just kids having fun I rationalised, don't be such a chuffin curmudgeon. Then Mrs Buddha appeared informing me that some kids had ripped the christmas lights out of the tree in the garden and had run down the alley pissing themselves. Trying to be zen like is difficult sometimes.
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