Sunday, December 22, 2002

Much as I applaud the sentiments of these fish botherers, the question is begged, what the hell has it got to do with them?

I am reduced to reflecting upon our first half a season in the premier league, having just read the accounts of the Sunday Times and Independent of our game with Charlton. First off, scare mongering stories that non season ticket holders would never see a game have been proved cack, as I suspected they would. There is not a game so far that I could not have got a ticket for, including Villa.
Then, joy of joys, regular coverage on mainstream telly. Cobblers, the ITV premiership show should be cancelled because it is just plain crap, with professional gurners for analysts. The fact that it never shows more than a minute of our games is neither here nor there, it is a bloody awful programme.
Never mind, we have regular coverage in the broadsheets. Well, what we have is regular coverage from florid tits who think purple prose is sufficient to mask a lack of understanding of what is placed before them.
Quality referees!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, I preferred the lower leagues. Although tickets are available, at least we did not have to plan weeks in advance, and it was chuffin cheaper. Although we are doing ok I hate the mentality that all we need do is survive, I prefer to see us going for it rather than scrapping for points every game. The national broadcast and print media treat us as oiks to be tolerated, it's humiliating, we really are better than that,as a city, as a club and as a set of supporters. The Independent today is astonished that Savage was not sent off, why??
It's being so cheerful that keeps me going.

Pagan midwinter festival

I used to believe.

This is supposed to be about teaching nippers that first impressions are not always what they might seem. It's brilliant.

Short story from Zadie Smith

The year in pictures: slideshow from msnbc

Pitchforks 50 best albums of the year. Good to see The Flaming Lips and Wilco both in the top 5. This is much more than a simple list and well worth a look.
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