Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Finally, back in the world of connectivity. I am sure it was those buggers at NTL and not me. Needless to say I had endless trouble installing broadband and spent all afternoon talking to some technical support dude. He had to navigate me down some very dark alleys before I could connect, hence my conviction that they were at fault in the first place. Never mind, I have broadband, and what a wonderful world it is.

John Peel on putting together a compilation, with a little bit of a tribute to Lonnie Donegan thrown in. I thought it would be a good article but a poxy l.p. Wrong it definitley looks ok.

Fantastic panoramas.

I can't remember if I have already linked to this stickman fight or not.

All mechanics need their oil rags and our chief mechanic, the FFC has hers. Apparently this odious little piece of flotsam informed my colleagues today that there are certain people within the team who are not team players. Her ugly mate piped up, yes other teams socialise and go out for lunch, fuckin idiot.
It begs a question, do you define a team player as someone who will help a colleague out of the shit, even if means yet another long and unpaid night, or does it more more accurately describe someone who is only ever seen if there is a jolly going on and who departs the office as fast as her stumpy little legs will carry her if it looks like someone is going to need a bit of help? I honestly don't know.
I suspect this little saga is a long way from being finished.

Bjork video.

More spooky stuff, talking to my brother about what his nippers may or may not like I mentioned The United States of Whatever, which i have to confess, cracks me up. The link just jumped out at me, never even looked for it.
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