Monday, December 02, 2002

The Guardian seems to have embarked upon a campaign to leave its readership with tears streaming down its face on a daily basis. On Saturday there was an article by Martin Jaques on his relationship with his wife, who died in very tragic and probably unneccessary circumstances. Incredibly sad stuff which I was alerted to by fellow Blues fan young Flavio .
That article isn't online as far as I can see, but another long article by Lindsay Nicholson describing the deaths of first her husband and then her daughter, through leukaemia, is. Hard reading.
The Jacques article is online after all, my spelling was skewiff. This is very painful to read, but worth it. Sort of.

The U.K government has issued a report detailing human rights abuses in Iraq. This is a good thing, It is good to see we are prepared to stand up to bullies and tyrants wherever they may be. Amnesty International believes there has been a bit of cynical manipulation going on. They are undoubtedly right, but it is very hard to have any sympathy with Saddam. Anyway, now that we are in the business of condemning unjust and brutal regimes I expect we will be seeing a dossier on Saudi Arabia very soon.

Some good advice for young Bush from James Rubin
New York Times piece on Kissinger.

A beautiful advent calendar, courtesy of madamjujujive, at mefi.

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