Thursday, January 03, 2008

Down In The Hole

There is a brilliant thread about The Wire on Metafilter, containing superb links a really good, really intelligent discussion and here and there, memorable quotes; it could keep you busy for hours. The heads of both organizations, official and criminal, wrestle with similar management and personnel issues, and resolve them with similarly cold self-interest. In both the department and the gang, the powerful exploit the weak, and within the ranks those who exhibit dedication, talent, and loyalty are usually punished for their efforts. is phrase that could equally apply to any social work department I have worked for as well as Baltimore drug gangs.

Also found on mefi, an interesting article on the banality (or otherwise) of evil, funny how I found myself thinking of my various managers again.

Talking of work, I was so fed up yesterday, I had to book the rest of the week off; I will come to regret that when the spring arrives.

Mr Eck has been talking the talk again regarding the type of player he wants for the Blues. Despite a slightly disappointing start in terms of results, I am genuinely excited about our prospects with this bloke in charge. The contrast between him and Bruce couldn't be more stark. OK we never really looked like doing much against Manchester Utd but for those of us used to Bruce, to see us patiently knocking the ball about to one another rather than just booting it straight back to the other buggers is to have our faith in the game restored (even if we aren't very good at it). My God, if we manage to score a few goals along the way as well, I might just come over all unnecessary.

I saw a review for No Country For Old Men the other day, don't know what it's like, but the novel is one of the best, as well as one of the bleakest that I read last year.
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