Friday, January 11, 2008

Sex And Drugs And Double Chins

Who needs Wilson Palacios when you can have the rather special Andy Palacio:

I used to have a great deal of interest in the American elections, but no longer. I really can't get very excited about who will be the latest son or daughter of privilege to be granted the succession. Having said that, I am glad that it has become interesting, not least because the BBC has decided we are actually part of the union and has sent half its bloody staff there to provide us with non stop coverage, across all mediums and channels. The other half has decamped to Liverpool. What was that about having to tighten the belt following the licence fee settlement?

Never mind, at least we have the excitement of the transfer window and Blues have done us proud by one, yet. Pull yer bloody finger out Eck, give us something to talk about.

Big Sam says he isn't filled with bitterness and bile following his sacking from Newcastle: while I appreciate that 6 million quid compensation can be an effective pain killer, I don't believe him, I think that his whole essence is bitterness and bile, it makes him the man that he is.

I had a look at the Wychwood festival site the other day to see who they had booked so far. My heart didn't exactly skip with the joy when I saw that The Blockheads and Phil Jupitus had been booked. I don't buy into the myth of the Blockheads; they were an above average pub band, who got lucky and enjoyed their 15 minutes. If they were turning up to warm the crowd up early on Saturday afternoon (as Chris Difford did, brilliantly, a couple of years ago) I would be happy, but it looks as if they will be near the top of the bill. As for Jupitus, isn't he supposed to be a comedian? Aren't comedians supposed to be funny?

I did a search to see if maybe I was being a bit uncharitable, though not with any expectation of having my prejudices confirmed, not with Dury having been deified since his death. The best thing I came across was this piece by the peerless Wreckless Eric on his more than decent blog.

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