Thursday, January 24, 2008


The world doesn't mourn for Andy Palacio, and nor should it, I don't suppose, but Belize does and it is bloody sad that he has gone.

Poor old Ken Livingstone seems to be getting hammered left right and centre. I would not normally be bothered, not having any interest in what goes on in Londinium and generally believing that the pampered bleeders deserve everything they get. The national media though, have decided that this little local difficulty is vexing the people of Britain from Pontypool to Paisley so we can’t really escape it. Ken is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself - but the way in which he is being demonized while the Boris gets away scot free troubles me. Has the media lost all sense of reason because Boris cultivates the image of an oafish buffoon, or is this a perfect case of hegemony at work? Whatever, it is a poor imitation of democracy.

Mind you, this little contretemps in the South East could benefit us all if Boris wins. I am no fan of New Labour, but by Christ the alternative is terrifying; as much as I despise the placemen, careerists and empty suits that seem to populate the labour party these days, the thought of a bunch of multi millionaire hooray henrys and chinless wonders running the country for the benefit of their cronies is too much to bear. So, let Boris win (it’s only London, after all) and let the whole nation be reminded of what useless bunch of small minded, self serving twats the Tories really are. Then, when new labour get back in, we can despair all over again and mourn for the innocence we lost on a hot May night in May 1997.

How did Cameron earn his millions anyway? What has he produced?

A French bank gets stung for 30 odd billion and still manages to turn a profit, who says capitalism doesn't work?

I should probably pay a bit of attention to this writing blog.

Play a word game, feed some people.

More babies

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