Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beyond The Sea

There is a good article in the Independent today by Kathy Marks, who covered the trial of the men of Pitcairn Island who had been accused of of the rape of many children. It quite chills the bones.

There is an even better article here on George Pelecanos, who is an absolute master of his trade. The writer says that Pelecanos has only become well known since his involvement with The Wire, but some of us have been banging on about him for years.

More proof that the internet is bloody brilliant. Diaries that George Orwell wrote 70 years ago, will be reproduced, day by day, as a blog.

My reading has been too high brow of late, so I have got stuck into Don Eastons Loose Ends. It doesn't rank with Pelecanos, or Lehane, or Bruen; there are few subtleties and little nuance is evident. There are not many shades of grey, one won't lie awake with a troubled conscience, worrying about the characters, there are good men and there are bad men, and they are trying to outwit each other. It's great, just the sort of company I need for my present mood, not insulting to the intelligence, but undemanding on the intellect.
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