Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rock The Nation

It was like the keystone kops in our house last night. The Mrs had taken the daughter off to do whatever mothers and daughters do and the two lads were in their respective dark dens and I had just sat down, with a beer, on the patio, having fired the barbie up and set some speakers up so I could listen to some mellow Spanish shit in the unaccustomed tranquility. Life was good.

Then I heard the Mrs shouting, though I couldn't make out what she was saying, then one of the cats came belting out of the living room, followed by a chuffing dog, followed by the Mrs, followed by the kids, all babbling incoherently while the dogs owner wailed outside and all the while doors being slammed open and closed in a effort to either keep the beast in, or keep him out, neither of which ploy was successful. The cat, in its panic, forgot it could climb tress and just ran round and round the garden, faster than I have ever seen it run before, so there were 7 of us in all, all chasing each other around the garden, yelling.

The Mrs finally caught the thing and handed it back to the owner, who was not embarrassed or apologetic at all. Then it rained. Very hard.

I don't usually watch the tennis but I got caught up in the drama of Murrays win the other night, however, I am glad that he was firmly put in his place earlier on today. I have nothing against the chap, but already the nation was on the verge of hysteria; if he had won against Nadal it would have been unbearable. There is no victory or defeat that our sane and rational nation cannot over react to. There is a good piece in The Guardian about the Wimbledon crowd, the tone of which is typified by this line "What you're seeing in close-up on your TV screen is the emotional zenith of the parish picnic,........."

It was always about the oil--that's why "we" invaded Iraq--only "we" aren't getting any, at least not at a reasonable price. The oil companies are.
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