Monday, March 10, 2008

Delia's Gone

Unfortunately, Delia hasn't really gone, but she has lost all credibility, and so has the simperingly florid Nigel Slater.

David Haye duly sparked out Big Enzo in the second round..........a brutal, magnificent display by the Bermondsey boy. I don't know if I'm oversensitive, but I find it really distressing to see proud warriors like Enzo not knowing if they are having a shit, shave or haircut. Typically, the beaten man was extremely gracious and sportsmanlike afterwards, unlike Alex Ferguson and his Portugese oil rag following their defeat to Portsmouth.

Talking of oil rags, I am about to become one myself. Those who read my other blog, before it became a chair advertising site, will know of my disdain for senior pricks, who are oil rags to the mechanic, or monkeys to the organ grinder. A chargehand, basically. Well I have been offered and will accept such a post in another borough. The living hell that has been my career over the last 18 months will be ended, and characteristically, even though it is a step up the ladder, I take a not insignificant pay cut while adding to my outgoings. But I am free. Relatively speaking!

The Wire has finished in the US and I suspect it will be difficult to avoid spoilers over the months until we see it here. I found a good clip from the first series on the Independent website. Be careful where you watch it, it may contain the odd profanity:

Cheers Bob:
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